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I guess complicated is not the perfect name for one of the purest designs I’ve ever made, but it has its own story. I was struggling as always to find a name for my next theme and I was thinking about choosing the title of the last song I would listen to while working on it. And then Avril Lavigne “Complicated” started on my MP3 player. I thought the coincidence was too funny and I would have been stupid not to take advantage of it.

“Complicated” was previously called “Greenminimalistic” and used to be my former theme for 3 months until I got fed up with it. I have made many changes to make it more appealing and easiest to read as well and now I can release it.

To install it, just unzip or untar the archive into your wp-content/themes directory, and select complicated in your administration panel. Note that this theme natively supports Ryan Boren theme switcher plugin.

Complicated for Wordpress 1.5 as a tgz file.
Complicated for Wordpress 1.5 as a zip file (beware of the permissions).

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  1. Commentaire de dr Dave qui a dit
    le Mardi 26 avril 2005 à 05:19

    perhaps you may want to find a theme that is not so misleading… why not pick “uncomplicated”… not sure it rings much better (don’t quite like the ring of “complicated”, from a purely rhythmic point of view), but at least it matches the theme a bit better, no?

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